BaKPE, MPT, Registered Physiotherapist and Proud Member of PABC
Internal Pelvic Floor Trained, ROST Certified

Jodie completed her Master’s of Physical Therapy in 2012 at UBC and has since had the opportunity to work in a variety of clinical settings. Through her work in public and private practice, and through her own journey into motherhood, Jodie has found a love and passion for pelvic health. She is excited to have expanded her career through the creation of Full Circle Physiotherapy.


In 2014, Jodie became a certified Rost™ therapist, allowing her to externally treat Pelvic Girdle Pain during and after pregnancy. Through simple, gentle, hands-on techniques and education, this approach has helped thousands of women worldwide to regain stability and reduce discomfort in the pelvic girdle.

Since expanding into pelvic health from an external approach, Jodie realized quickly she needed more tools. She has since trained to treat internal pelvic floor conditions, including incontinence, prolapse and pelvic pain through Pelvic Health Solutions. Jodie has had fun learning more about the female athlete and connection with the pelvic floor to make sure a return to meaningful exercise post-partum can be achieved. Of recent, Jodie continues to pursue additional training in how to best apply the Biopsychosocial approach to pain conditions, including pelvic pain. 


Jodie has always believed life is better lived as an open book. While pelvic health issues can be incredibly sensitive, Jodie understands the need to speak openly about the intimate details of our pelvic health. You are not alone in your journey to better pelvic health and Jodie tries to create a safe space for any questions, concerns and treatment. Through Jodie’s openness, she encourages and enables others to share their stories and find a more comfortable and empowered life.


Jodie is a passionate educator and believes that it is the duty of a good physiotherapist to work themselves out of a job. Through education, exercise and treatment, Jodie aims to empower you to better understand your body. Her mission is to provide you with long term solutions to maintain your best self, long after you leave her care.

Where to Find Jodie:
Pomegranate Community Midwives - Wednesday/Friday 7am-3pm
Group Exercise - Saturdays 9:45-10:45am Tillicum Community Annex (existing clients) 

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