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Full Circle Physiotherapy

A Pelvic Health Collective 

Building a Community of People

Full Circle Physiotherapy is a collective of independent care providers that aim to develop a community of people who feel empowered to take control of their pelvic health. Our mission as a collective is to support independent providers in diverse practice settings through shared infrastructure and team collaboration. 

All providers of Full Circle Physiotherapy have a shared ethos to support people across all stages of life through pelvic health and whole person treatment, education, exercise and community development. We are committed to providing high quality, evidence based healthcare backed by a commitment to regular continuing education and professional development. We approach care through an inclusive biopsychosocial and trauma informed lens which we understand requires a continuous and ongoing process of learning. 


We strive to empower our community of professionals and the people we are entrusted to support to better themselves, understand their bodies and participate in their lives in ways that are meaningful to them. 

Individual Providers. Individual Locations.

Jessica PT_edited.png
Susannah PT
Hayley PT
Lisa Strength Coach

We are thrilled to provide care across the lower mainland and Vancouver Island in each of the communities we are so lucky and honoured to live and play. 


Individual Needs. Individual Services.


Care just for you!

Each human’s health is influenced by their individual biological, psychological and social environmental factors. We want to partner with you to learn about the wide ways you experience your body and develop support customized to all the ways that you are in the world.  



Building a Community of Providers

Full Circle Physiotherapy began as a sole proprietorship in East Vancouver to help fill a gap in access to pelvic health physiotherapy and create a fun and meaningful way to shift how medical care is provided. Full Circle Physiotherapy believes in a biopsychosocial model that is as unique as the person reaching out for support.

As the pelvic health physiotherapy profession grew, it became increasingly important to not only develop a community for clients accessing care but to also develop a community in providers working in this unique area of practice. Full Circle Physiotherapy grew into a Pelvic Health Collective during COVID-19 where a group of solo practitioners, who shared the same vision high quality pelvic health and a whole person partnered care model, came together to support one another. 

Full Circle Physiotherapy providers believe in lifting our practices higher by sharing infrastructure, holding accountability in collaborating on our shared online presence and developing resources together. We believe in and will support each other to continue lifelong learning and improve knowledge translation. We believe in a model of healthcare that is capable of growing, adjusting and adapting along with research and the cultural and societal needs of our clients amidst the shifting landscape of our day. 

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