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  • Jodie Pulsifer, MPT

Finding Our Way Back to the Basics in 2021

Starting 2021 has felt incredibly loaded with energy, anticipation and expectation. At the turn of the New Year there was a buzz and excitement for what could be, a longing for things that have been and an uncertainty of what truly lies ahead. It felt like A LOT riding on one little transition point.

We've seen a lot of changes over the last year. Every industry has been challenged, shifted and changed. Our homes have become workplaces, times we would come together have been solo adventures and our separation of spaces has become both essential and simultaneously impossible. We are in it and ready to be doing something different.

During January, the Full Circle Physiotherapy team took some time to “sit” together and dream. We met with a fabulous Coach, Jacquie Stebbings, to help us ponder our personal and professional lives together. One major theme amongst each member was trying to find happiness and joy NOW.

As a business, we are really working to stay in congruency with doing things that fill us up and allow us to have joy in our lives, our practices and workspaces so we can continue to fill up our community around us. We are in the active practice of cultivating our own inner power so we can continue to practice healthcare in a way that supports power with and to our communities.

As we settle into what is already March and the continued apparent need to maintain our COVID-19 routines, we wanted to play with the idea of using our social media platforms, through our newsletter, blog, IG and FB, to explore some ideas around our own individual resiliency in our bodies and creating allyship with our own nervous systems. At a time when so much is riding ahead of us, following a year of so much shifting and evolving, getting back to the basics of simple things within our tangible control feels essential. We want to explore the #fundamentalfour basics of sleeping, eating, moving and connecting and how they interplay together and connect us to our own health (including pelvic health and pain) and overall vitality and energy to live in the world in the ways that can feel best for each of us within the context of our own lives.

Our plan forward is going to be an evolving one with no targets or trajectories but one built from our joy, the things that inspire us and feedback from our community about what you want to learn and explore together. These will be nuggets of information that we encourage you to ponder how they might fit in your life, pick it up if it feels right to you or move on by if it doesn't give you meaning.

We hope you will join us actively, lurk in the corners or ignore us entirely if that feels like the best thing for you!

We look forward to learning and growing with you in the year ahead.

Sleep . Eat . Move . Connect

The Full Circle Physiotherapy Team

Article written by Jodie Pulsifer on behalf of the team


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