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  • Jodie Pulsifer, MPT

ReSTART: Building Community During Times of Change

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

“It’s time to tell stories where no one is to blame for the human predicament and all of us are responsible for forging a hopeful path forward”– Elizabeth Lesser

It has been a heart warming adventure to start writing a few more newsletters during COVID-19. I sent a little piece of my humanity out into the world and had the great pleasure to hear back from many of those subscribed to Full Circle Physiotherapy. It has meant a great deal to be able to send out a little piece of myself and to find the words welcomed by those who needed to hear them.    

Fall always feels like a time for deepening our connections to the earth and to each other. As a Southern Ontario farm girl at heart, this certainly means I feel the earth shift, my morning runs become dark, the leaves crunch and the sweaters get pulled on. This is my most favourite season of all.  

It is also a time for slowing down and building off of the summer creations. This summer offered me time to step back from social media, the onslaught of news and to deepen the ideas of what matters to myself individually, professionally and within the scope of my relationships with others. Saying no to the things that didn't feel life giving, brought time for creativity and the opportunity to say yes to more things that aligned with me.

"Saying no to the things that didn’t feel life giving, brought time for creativity and the opportunity to say yes."

Out of that time, and some beautiful connections with colleagues,  Full Circle Physiotherapy is going to shift from a solo operation sprinkling joy and information into the community around me to one that involves sharing of resources on a larger scale. Starting now, Full Circle Physiotherapy will be known as “Full Circle Physiotherapy: A Pelvic Health Collective”.  

As a Pelvic Health Collective, you are going to get the same amazing physiotherapy care but with the power and strength of a collective group. We are a group of sole practitioners who share the same vision of high quality pelvic health and whole person wellness from a biopsychosocial and trauma informed lens. We also share the same vision of a practice model that does not work to profit off of each other but to grow with each other, to share common infrastructure including website development, social media presence and front end resources for clients. We will work with each other in our unique communities to ensure the quality of our practices continue to grow. We will hold each other accountable for ongoing professional development, knowledge acquisition and translation of that into meaningful clinical care. We are building our own community of providers to support the health and wellbeing of the people in our communities.

"We share the same vision of high quality pelvic health and whole person wellness from a biopsychosocial and trauma informed lens." 

With this growth means the responsibility for managing the outfacing communication with the community will be shared. I will not always be the voice behind these newsletters, new blog articles or the social media posts but we will always let you know whose voice it is that is speaking. Our goal is to share in the creation of content in these spaces that we all feel comfortable standing behind. We encourage you to check out our new website, read our mission and origin, explore our services page and get to know each of the providers through their individual bio pages. We believe the therapeutic relationship needs to start with safety and we want you to be able to choose a provider who feels right to meet you where you are. We are available in our local communities but also by way of virtual care through the collective.   This has been a labour of love to develop our own website and your feedback is always welcome as we shift and evolve to meet the needs of each other and each of you. If you want to book in, check out each provider to book in the way that works best for them. As always, if you have any questions or want to know more about how to access care, please don't hesitate to fill out the contact form for the provider you want to check in with or send out an email from the contact page.

As always, enjoying today and excited for what the future can hold.  

With love,  

Jodie and the Full Circle Physiotherapy Crew



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