BKin, Registered Kinesiologist 
Supervised by Physiotherapist

Pamela has been a practicing kinesiologist since her graduation from UBC Kinesiology in 2011. As an avid recreational athlete and a lover of knowledge and the human body, Pam loves helping guide others to their best health in a fun and safe way. 


Her own diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis in 2009 lead Pam to volunteer with the Chronic Conditions Self-Management Program, a six-week workshop helping others who have chronic conditions set goals and regain a sense of autonomy.  Between this work and her passion for health and fitness, Pam helps guide those who have bodily discomfort gain back control over their bodies through  movement and exercise.


The body has a remarkable ability to heal, and Pam believes that a path guided by movement and focus on the body's capacity is a great place to start. Being able to move in a way that feels safe, comfortable, but effective for muscle building and strength training helps so much more than just your body. 


When not working with clients, you can find Pam running around Vancouver, spending time with her husband and new daughter, or camping with her friends.


Where to Find Pam:
Group Exercise @ Tillicum Community Annex - Sundays 9:45-10:45am
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