Pelvic Pain Symptoms 

The pelvis is a highly vulnerable area sensitive to emotional, structural and physiological changes. This can often make Pelvic Pain Conditions seem complex and misunderstood leaving them under diagnosed and under treated. People often suffer in silence at the hands of our conventional healthcare system. Pain can prevent us from engaging in our regular activities, intercourse or even wearing the clothing that we want. 


Recent research in pain science is helping to change this practice and find treatment that works for long-term relief. Pelvic floor physiotherapy can help you get to the source of the pain and learn to slowly peel it away and resume the activities you miss. You are not alone and it doesn't have to stay this way!

Pelvic pain can present in many ways. These are some common symptoms of various pelvic pain conditions but not the only ones.

- general or local burning, stabbing, stinging 

- pain with light touch at entrance of vagina

- pain with tampon insertion or penetration

- pain with external genital touch

- uncomfortable wearing clothing or underwear clothing

- dryness, burning and irritation

- decreased or impaired arousal

-  altered clitoral sensitivity and/or pain 

- anorgasmic 

- pain with bladder filling, relieved briefly with urination

- increased bladder urge

- external pelvic pain

- low back pain

- pain with menstruation 

- swollen vulva

- vericose veins in vulva or introitus 

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